On Track Dog Training School

Advanced/Good Buddy/Trials/Agility


Sunday 8th April 2018

Starts at 1.00pm

Advanced Class

These dogs have proved themselves to be extremely well trained companions so now new challenges are set. Handlers are introduced to more advanced training skills and dogs can be taught scenting exercises, targeting exercises and foundation work for competition exercises. The work is very varied and great fun.

Working Trials Group

This is a very specialised training group with people coming from all over the North West, Cheshire and Yorkshire.  Dogs are taught exercises such as tracking a missing person, searching for lost property, scaling 6 ft fences and much much more! Once you reach the advanced class you may wish to try your hand at this sport.

Agility Group

Dogs love to run and jump so this is a great opportunity for them to burn off some energy. We have structured this session to include lots of activities for the dog to get involvd in. It is a sort of fun and fitness experiece with agility, problem solving and strength exercises. You can even teach your dog to trot by the side of a bike, pull a sledge or carry a rucksack.

The Good Buddy Scheme

The school’s latest innovation! The Good Buddies are calm, friendly, confidant dogs which work alongside timid dogs or dogs which are a little afraid of strange dogs. The Good Buddies are used as role models and help give confidence to the dogs in their care.  The Good Buddy will accompany a “friend” whilst participating in fun activities such as obstacle courses, searching exercises, a sled run and a host of other exercises designed to make the experience pleasurable for both the Good Buddy and the “friend”.

To become a Good Buddy a dog has to serve an apprentice where he attends the Good Buddy Training Day on 10 occasions and if he or she works successfully with different dogs on each occasion then the dog is awarded a certificate and medal, which recognises him or her as a fully trained Good Buddy.

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The next Good Buddy will be Sunday 8th March 1.00pm till 1.45pm

We missed out on March due to Crufts, bad weather and rearranging training events. It's been a real headache trying to fit everything in!



Beginners:  7.00pm to 8.00pm

Intermediate 8.15pm to 9.15pm


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Beginners: 7.00pm to 8.00pm

Intermediate: 8.15pm to 9.15pm


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