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We have started a new presentation evening to be held in January. The evening starts with a meal at a local resteraunt followed by the presetation of awards to members for their achievements during the previous year.

BOOMER AWARD - For the dog and owner who have achieved something particularly special 

This year the award went to Janis Horton and Fraiser (Rottweiler). 

Janis bought Fraiser as a puppy and right from the start has approached his showing career with dedication and professionalism. She has carefully considered every aspect of his training and never wavered from her goal. Her efforts have been suitably rewarded as Fraiser was made up in to a champion and won the CC on five occasions. His latest win was at Manchester Championship Show earlier this month.
She is now training Fraiser for Schutzhund and has shown the same structured professionalism towards this training. She comes to On Track twice a week in all kinds of weather and works Fraiser in the half light on the school grounds and each week she travels to White Rose in Brighouse to train.

BEN'S AWARD - For the dog that has contributed the most to a person or another dog.

This year the award went to Jane Simister and Scamp (Rescue X breed)

We don’t know much about Scamps early start in life as he was a rescue dog. We don’t really know why he has missing teeth but his distinctive grin and lolling tongue just emphasize his friendly, bubbly nature. Scamp was quite bonkers when he first came to training. He absolutely loved every minute but he put his own interpretation on the exercises. He is an exceptionally bright dog and through Jane’s patient training he can perform beautifully – or if he has an audience such as at an obedience show he can boing all over the place inviting others to join in.
He always makes me smile but this dog is also a really brilliant Good Buddy. He never takes offense when reactive dogs lose the plot. I have a series of fantastic photographs of him inviting another dog to interact. Eventually the reactive dog ( a female GSD) lunges when it is suddenly unnerved by the proximity of Scamp and although this is a handler error not judging the distance, it does serve to demonstrate Scamp's calm, confident nature when threatened. Wendy was very appreciative of Scamp when she and Gracie were recovering from an altercation with another dog. 


 Martyn Wilcox with his two Border Collies, Murphy and Lucy

Martyn had never trained a dog before when he arrived at On Track. However his determination and competetive nature soon came to light as Martyn strove to train and enter his dogs in Working Trials. A man who just won't accept defeat he worked incredibly hard to learn all he could about his new sport and whilst doing so supported other members as they trained too. He has run the working trials group single handed over the last twelve months and helped many new people when they have entered a trial for the first time. Martyn has qualified his dogs to work in open TD and open PD which involves scent training, obedience,agility and criminal work. He is a member of North West Working Trials Socirety and was recently asked to judge the senior nosework stake. 

 Shelley Sandiford with her Labradors Sam, Flow and Theo.

Shelley always gets the best from her dogs. She will have a go at anything and is never daunted by the size of the event (Crufts). I have never seen her miserable about an outcome or lose her temper. She is an On Track Trainer and has a lovely way with people. Shelley has done particularly well with Flow last year  qualifying for the display team at Crufts and getting some really good speed times in the gundog scurries. Shelley is devoted to her three dogs and has a very close bond with each of them.We wish her all the very best at Crufts where her calm, confident handling should demonstrate what a good handler she is. 

Christine Heald  with her two German Shepherds Simba and Ruby.

Christine is yet another very focused handler who approaches her training with much thought and planning. She patiently works her dogs within their capabilities. never rushing them or pushing them in to situations they are not ready for. Ruby especially needed careful specialised training. When she came to Christine as a rescue dog she was very reactive towards other dogs. Slowly Christine built up her confidence and trust always moving her away from awkward situations. To see her now it is hard to imagine she was ever reactive but Christine is able to take her to obedience competitions and compete alongside other dogs demonstrating Ruby's trust in Christine.


Many thanks to Christine Heald who organised the event from start to finish without whom this event would never have got off the ground. Of course many thanks also to the merry band of loyal On Trackers who gave up their time to help. It was a long but successful day both in the running of the event and the achievements on the On Trackers. Many congratulations to you all and well done to the less experienced members who came and had a go - you should start to reap the benefits next season with a bit more training now you know what it is all about.


The Working Trials Challenge

Hoorah, Hoorah. They did it!!! The On Track Team beat the Cheshire team despite this being the so-called more experienced team. What a brilliant performance in very testing conditions. Martyn Wilcock organized the whole event with the precision and dedication to rival any Trials Manager currently running competitions.

The triumphant team can be seen in the above photograph consisting of Mark and Campbell (Weimeraner), Emily and Jasper (Border Collie), Martyn holding the cup with Lucy and Murphy (Border Collies), Jess and Rigg who is also trained for search and rescue, (cross) and Peter with Pepper (German shepherd dog).

You were all brilliant and I am so proud of you! I will also be picking apart the bits that can be improved for next time so don't get too big-headed.


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We are  advising people to give training a miss this week and we will catch up next week. The extreme heat is creating a real probem especially walking on pavements and trying to stop dogs from over heating. Stay cool and safe!

We no longer run the Behaviour Clinic. If your dog has a behaviour problem please Google Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors to find a qualified behaviourist to work with you.

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