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So what will your dog learn?

Beginner Classes

We have introduced a new system which we found to be particularly effective.Every dog attends an introductory session first. It is a very intense session where we can assess the needs of the owner and dog  so that when they join the classes they can be monitored and taught at their particular level. Also in the introductory session we look at safe introductions to strange dogs and how to behave in the company of other dogs which prepares the new dog for working in a class of dogs.  The owners are introduced to the training techniques of a reward-based training method. They will be taught how to mark the correct behaviour and how to reward correctly. The cost is £35 for the Introductory Session then just £5 a night thereafter when the puppy comes to classes.

Some of the exercises taught in the beginner class: -

Throughout the training the emphasis is always on promoting good socialisation with people, dogs and novel situations.

Intermediate Classes

When the young dog is ready he will progress to an intermediate class. The school has listed status with the Kennel Club and is therefore entitled to run the Good Citizen Scheme. There are three awards to work through and when each dog is proficient in all the exercises the owner will be invited to attend a test night where an outside examiner will come and test the dogs. Below is a description of each the exercises in each award. The cost of these classes is £5 per night.

Bronze Award

Silver Award

Gold Award

Advanced Class

These dogs have proved themselves to be extremely well trained companions so now new challenges are set. Handlers are introduced to more advanced training skills and dogs can be taught scenting exercises, targeting exercises and foundation work for competition exercises. The work is very varied and great fun and still only £5 a training session!

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On Track Dog Training School


Tel: 01706 522539

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From 12 April I can have small groups for training. I have decided to have mini classes of just 5 dogs. The cost will be £10 a session. This should work well as I can give more time to individuals in a small class.

All dogs must start with a 1-1 but if you have had this and been given the okay to be in a class give me a ring on  01706 522539 to be booked in a class.

Beginner and Intermediate classes will start from Monday. The advance class will not resume just yet as this is a larger class on a Wednesday at 8.15pm.


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